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UN Global Compact Network Conference.

Chief Executive Officer, Lesley Arthur Asiedu hosted the 2022 UN Global Compact Network conference with the theme “Advancing Sustainable Ocean Businesses in Ghana”.

Cubica Energy Ltd, being a member of the UN Global Compact Network has an interest in ocean sustainability as the ocean affects all businesses irrespective of industry. The ocean serves as a source of resources and transportation for many businesses. However, it hasn’t been sustained in the best manner as spillage continues to occur daily. Sadly, many are uninformed that each person has a vital part to play in the proper management of waste thus protecting our ocean and water bodies. As a means of contributing to promoting the awareness of ocean sustainability, Cubica Energy Ltd played a vital role in the UN Global Compact Network Conference 2022, where diverse topics relating to the advancement of sustainable ocean businesses in Ghana were elaborated on to provide more insight into these areas.

In the discussion, it was revealed that the fish stock present in the ocean has continuously depleted at a rate of 60% within the years 1950-2010. This is a result of the opposing manner of waste management such as oil spillage and many others.

Together with UN Global Compact Network and the many businesses present in the union, Cubica will continue to sound the alarm for the need to sustain the ocean and the environment at large.