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Lesley Arthur, CEO of Cubica Energy, as a Conversationist at the REYJAVIK GLOBAL FORUM 2023.

Lesley Arthur, CEO of Cubica Energy and Founder of the Energy Quest Foundation, had the honor of participating in the distinguished role of a Conversationist at the Reykjavik Global Forum 2023, which was co-hosted with the Government and Parliament of Iceland in partnership with Women Political Leaders.  

Under the theme “Power, Together for Leadership”, the Reykjavik Global Forum 2023 had world leaders share knowledge and collaborate on finding solutions that will benefit the global society. Lesley together with esteemed panelists Maithreyi Seetharaman, Halla Hrund Logadottir, and Kessely Hong engaged in an enthralling discussion on Responsible Energy. 

In this conversation, Lesley shared the reality of Africa in relation to Responsible Energy. 

 She confirmed that climate indeed is a topical issue in all parts of the world as its effects are seen worldwide. The narrative, however, changes slightly with regard to Africa. She shared that the energy discussion remains primary as Africans continue to encounter issues of energy availability, energy affordability and infrastructural deficit. She stated that the African region is unable to completely rally towards responsible energy, which is the renewables, and this is because Africa continues to depend on non-renewables for economic development. To advocate certain solutions, Lesley suggested the need to create bespoke strategies exclusive to Africa and Global south. 

In addressing how to bring in women to support the creation and implementation of such bespoke strategies for the pursuance of responsible energy, Lesley elucidated the natural ability of women as nurturers to have a much stronger and deeply analyzed views on such critical issues. She however emphasized the imperative for women to come to the table with value and voices that carry realistic impact and weight. 

To contribute to the actualization of these, Cubica Energy, as headed by Lesley, through its Foundation, the Energy Quest Foundation, continues to educate and empower individuals especially women to venture into the currently male-dominated energy industry, change the narrative and contribute to the enormous growth of the energy industry in Africa and beyond. We do these through our various projects which include Women in Energy, Energy Career Seminar, Energy Quest Talk Show, Energy Capacity Building and EV Revolution Africa.  

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